How Tony Petrello Encourages His Employees To Give Back

Tony Petrello is an executive in the oil and gas industry. He works for Nabors Industries, a company he joined in 1991 after having been a New York City lawyer for several years. He is the company’s CEO, president, and chairman of the board. The company he leads has the biggest fleet of oil drilling equipment on the globe and it operates both in the United States and internationally. Nabors Industries is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Tony Petrello is also a philanthropist who encourages his employees to give back to the community. An example of this occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina striking Houston in August 2017. Entire homes were destroyed and the infrastructure of the city was flooded. People couldn’t find any supplies since demand was so high and nothing could be shipped in due to the widespread destruction. Nabors Industries was among the first companies to respond to this disaster.


When Hurricane Harvey had moved beyond Houston a large number of the employees of Nabor Industries started to help their neighbors and other members of the community recover. Tony Petrello as CEO says that the employees of his company went to wherever they saw a need. Appreciating what they were doing, Petrello had everyone receive paid time off so that they could help others and not be negatively impacted themselves. Additionally, the employees of Nabor Industries raised close to $175,000 to help relief efforts. Tony matched this amount dollar for dollar. His firm also used the kitchen that it has on its site in order to cook a mass volume of food three times each day that was given to families located around their headquarters.

Over the years the employees and leadership of Nabors Industries have helped out in other crises that have hit Houston, Tony Petrello says. They have also helped out national nonprofits like the Susan G. Komen Foundation. His company has a philanthropic arm called Nabors Charitable Foundations. Over the years this foundation has supplied more than $3 million in scholarship money for both the employees of the company and their children to get more education.

One area that Tony Petrello really cares about is childhood neurological disorders. He gave Texas Children’s Hospital $7 million for their program researching these disorders with a promise of another $2 million to follow. He also has a seat on the hospital’s board where he lends his years of experience running Nabor Industries.

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