Town Residential Took Manhattan by Storm

Town Residential has not been in business for a very long time, but in that time they have truly made a name for themselves. They have made sure that they are doing the right thing for the business that they are in and they have made major changes to the real estate market and the way that it works. They have done all of this through the different options that they have in New York City.

Since there is not much room for new construction on Manhattan, it can really be difficult for people to figure out what they need to do to make sure that they are getting the most out of the real estate market in New York City. One way that Town Residential has done this is by making sure that they are doing things the right way and restoring old buildings. They have worked hard to make sure that their old buildings are perfectly restored and are the picture of luxury.

Many people in Manhattan have now heard of Town Residential. These people range from the average New Yorker to some of the biggest name celebrities. While Town Residential is unable to disclose the names of the people who they have worked with, they have been able to make hints at some of the bigger names. These names include people who are actors, singers and even supermodels. Town Residential has a reach that goes that far into the celebrity world of fame and fortune.

That is all a big deal for a company that has only been in business for three years. Town Residential was started in 2013 and they have been doing a lot of successful things since then. They started out on a good foot in the real estate market and they have only gotten better from there. To see what they have done in only three years really makes New Yorkers wonder what they will be able to do in the next decade or so.

One of the ways that their success is truly evident is in that they just opened their tenth office. This was a big deal for them and it was opened up in the meatpacking district. They had a lot of clients in that area who had to commute through the city to get to one of their other offices. By opening up an office close to there, they were able to show their clients that they were committed to doing more.

Burch Is Setting All The Trends

Recently did an article that was published by Chris Burch. There have been many new trends when it comes to technology and fashion. These industries continue to grow together. With time, technology becomes fashionable and fashion becomes technological.

The 80s was a time when individuals were allowed to carry their favorite tunes on their shoulder with the boombox. The boombox was revolutionary, because it had two cassette decks, so a person could have two of their favorite musicians at their finger tips. this was the ultimate fusion of fashion and style. In the 90s the experience changed with the Walkman. This made listening to music more personal, and later on the purchase of iPods made working out fashionable as well.

Technology and fashion continued to marriage in our times. There has been a new fashionable trend in bike protection. Therese Alliston has created an airbag for cyclists. This is an airbag that is worn around the neck and it protects the head from impact when it is opened, this is much more fashionable than a helmet. There are other designs that have been made from recycled material like the inner tubes of bicycles that are used to create T-shirts and jackets. In reality, technology and fashion do work together, even though at times wearing technology can be quite expensive.

Christopher Burch was the editor of the article, and he is also the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. This is a New York based firm. Burch is also the cofounder of Tory Burch LLC. In 2002 he became a billionaire, and he is a very well-known name in the fashion industry. Burch and his brother started Eagle Eye Apparel in 1976, and he opened up a factory to produce sweaters that same year. His company was able to reach $140 million in sales over the next 10 years, and in 1998 his net worth was $60 million.

Burch has invested in other things such as real estate; he has produced films and he also invested in Internet Capital Group. Burch has donated over $1 million to his alma mater Tilton school, and he was on the Board of Trustees for many years as well. Burch is definitely an individual that has achieved amazing things in his life, and he’s done it all in the name of fashion.

Meet Dick DeVos, the man with a helping heart

From an early age, Betsy sought to find innovative solutions to the problems facing humanity. Even today, despite being the wife of Dick Devos, Betsy remains enthusiastic as she was many years ago. She is currently the chairman of the Windquest group. This is a privately held company that specializes in investments in technology as well as in manufacturing and clean energy. Betsy is also the chairman of an organization called Dick and Betsy family foundation. In an interview, Betsy noted that she is currently optimistic about the state of education in the United States. Betsy was challenged to enter into educational matters as she had children who were schooling at that given moment. Betsy is well known for her role as the leading advocate in the educational choice movement. She is currently the chairman of American Federation for children; she is also the chairman of the Alliance for school choice.


Dick DeVos, on the other hand, is the son of Richard Devos. Dick was born in 1955. Dick Devos is married to Elizabeth (Betsy) and together they have four children, Elissa, Andrea, Rick and Ryan. DeVos’ father was the co-founder of Amway Corporation. He began working for this company in the year 1974 and has held the different position since then. He became the vice president in 1984 being in charge of 18 countries as a way of gaining experience. However, in 1989, he left the firm to follow his dreams, and he founded the Windquest group. In 1991, Devos was appointed by his father to be in charge of Orlando Magic Basketball franchise. In 2006, he unsuccessfully spent $40 million in the quest for the governor seat in the state of Michigan. The seat was won by Jennifer Granholm.


Dick Devos and his family are respected across the United States for their philanthropy and generous giving. Having made a lot of wealth over the years, the Devos family decided to give back to the community. Devos is known as a leader who helps many people in the local community. His greatest philanthropic activity is the foundation of the Educational Freedom. This is an organization that deals with underprivileged children from the state of Michigan. He plays a major role in educating these children by helping raise fees for their studies.

The Best Bets For The 2016-17 NBA Season

Placing a bet on any sport is easy with That includes the big four and the big two in college. But beyond the betting online, there is an entire host of information to help with that bet. Because what is the point of placing a bet without a good tip? And when it comes to the NBA, things get even more interesting.

Betting In the NBA

There aren’t many upsets in the game of basketball when the playoffs roll around. It’s almost a given that Golden State and the Cavaliers will meet again. So while the biggest bets take place in the finals and the playoffs, the regular season still has its perks. A lot of rivalry games or historic matchups can be big winners during the regular season. With a full 82 game schedule, betting in the NBA before the playoffs can be more lucrative than any other sport. The only sport that has better long term potential is baseball and its massive 162 game season. So when betting on the NBA in the regular season, you’re getting a lot of chances to make small breaks. And with the right information, knowing that LeBron is sitting out a game is an instant win. This is where comes in and becomes valuable to any better.

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Find Out the Specifics

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