Securus Technologies: Countless Opportunities with Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the largest security services provider in North America. They are also the leading telecommunications provider in North American correctional facilities, serving more than 1.2 million inmates detained in more than 3,000 prisons. Since their establishment, Securus Technologies has been actively developing and innovating devices and programs that will be used to counter any dangerous treats to the jail officers, inmates, and the facility itself. The company is known for creating programs that gives the jail officers the capability to organize the prisoners and prevent escaping. They are also known for ensuring the safety of everyone inside the correctional facility by integrating security features in the devices that they manufacture. So far, the technologies created by Securus Technologies has been reviewed by the jail officers and the prisoners as one of the best in the market, and the company keeps on putting their talent and effort in developing their products for the better. Securus Technologies is also reported to have spent $600 million to protect their products, patents, and inventions. Their dedication in securing their properties is one of the characteristics of a competitive business which would do everything that they can to improve their services.


In addition to their existing products, Securus Technologies have introduced the drone detection technology which would prevent illegal drones from coming near the correctional facilities. According to the jail officers, the rising frequency of drone sightings near the correctional facilities is posing a grave threat to the safety of jail officers and prisoners inside. One of the reasons why drones are being sent to the correctional facility is because the drone acts as an instrument to deliver contraband items, including cell phones, drugs, and even deadly weapons. Jail officers are concerned about the rising number of incidents where they would shoot down a drone, discovering that it has contraband inside. To help curb these rising problem, jail officers worked with Securus Technologies and asked them for a solution to the rising number of drones delivering contrabands. Securus Technologies thought of creating a drone detector which would enable the correctional facilities to track down drones and prevent them from entering the facility.


After 18 months of research and study, Securus Technologies managed to perfect the device, and they immediately turned it over to correctional facilities under their watch. The newest technology from Securus Technologies is also using the same concept behind the wireless containment system, and after installing the drone detector on a correctional facility, the results it produced were remarkable. According to the jail officers, the instances of drones delivering contraband greatly decreased, and based on the study by the jail officers, the technology would ultimately stop drones from coming in after months of failed delivery.

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