Former Israeli diplomat contributions a an ambassador

Daniel Taub appointment as an ambassador was a great decision for the state of Israel. This is one person who loved his country so much that he wanted to serve it to the best of his abilities. Daniel Taub was representing Israel in the United Kingdom.

This appointment gave him an opportunity to represent his country in one of the most influential countries in the world. Every country would love to have a cordial relationship with the United Kingdom. There is a lot to gain from this nation. In terms of political and economic matters, this is one country that has many benefits to offer. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Daniel Taub made a commitment to serve his country in the best way possible as an ambassador to the United Kingdom. True to his commitment, he accomplished exactly that.

He worked on strengthening the ties between the two countries. He looked at areas that the two countries would be interested in working together and ensured the bond was tight.

Daniel Taub worked on trade ties first. He wanted his country to gain economically from the partnership. After serving for four years, trade between the United Kingdom and Israel doubled. This was quite an accomplishment. Annual trade went all the way up to over $7 billion in a year.

Daniel Taub then worked on the relationship between the Jews and the locals. He made sure there were cultural integrations that led to the acceptance of Israeli products in the United Kingdom. The number of Jewish businesses in the country went up to over 3000.

Clearly, Daniel Taub worked on the key areas where his country would benefit the most. The fact that Israeli goods would find a ready market in the United Kingdom was good news to the economy of the Middle East country.

Daniel Taub’s service to his country was out of passion. At one time when serving as an ambassador, the MP for Bradford George Galloway had declared his area an Israeli free zone.

Daniel Taub rejected this move vehemently and demanded that it be abolished. In a show of defiance to the obvious case of discrimination that was at play, he traveled to Bradford when the ban was still active.

Daniel Taub termed the ban as one that did not represent the people of Bradford. The MP decided on his own and never consulted the people of Bradford. Galloway was an anti- Israeli crusader, and his decision was based on malice.

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