Desiree Perez, a Female Music Executive Making Big Moves

The thoughts that powerful men have continue to influence the progression of our world. Mr. Neil Portnow, President of the Recording Academy recently said that women need to step up in the music industry and begin to advance their careers. That statement drew a huge backlash from artists and music executives who believe Mr. Portnow is extremely out of touch with the present.The artists Pink and Kelly Clarkson both put out responses to Portnow’s statement. Pink wrote an open letter pointing out the many accomplishments of women in the music business. Portnow’s statement so inflamed lawyers and managers of artists that they put a letter together demanding Portnow’s resignation. He enraged a lot of music’s executives as well, namely some very high powered female music industry executives: Desiree Perez, COO of ROC Nation.

Michele Anthony, Executive VP of the Universal Music Group; Julie Greenwald, Co-chairman of Atlantic Records; Jody Gerson, Chief Executive of Universal publishing; Julie Swidler, the general counsel of Sony Music; and Sylvia Rhone, the President of Epic Records.Following the uproar from the industry, high powered female music executives all got together and sent a letter to Neil Portnow, President of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The Academy vowed to put a task force together to examine the barriers and biases slowing down the advancement of women in the music industry.

The entire group of female music executives volunteered their service on this task force. Keep in mind that three of the dominant music companies were represented by these executives.Only time will tell if the Academy takes advantage of the executives generous offer. In the meantime, Desiree Perez will continue making big moves that advance Jay-Z and Beyonce’s career as well as the other artists she will represent. She and ROC Nation are still riding on the wave that brought in a $200 million investment from Sprint and set up music streaming from TIDAL with Sprint’s customers.

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