NewsWatch TV: Reviews and History

This will describe some reviews and give general information on a company called NewsWatchtv. Once company I watched was “Avancea”, the video was with the CMO Nathalie Van Wijjkvliet. She said that the reviews from NewswatchTV was one of the reasons the company was successful. One of their products is a laptop called the “Ockel” which is a tiny PC that still has the features of a desktop computer. The story begun because of NewswatchTV’s online campaign to help “Avancea” on their website for their product “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC”. It was a goal set at $10,000 over a period of $10,000. The result was a percentage of 2,939 of the goal in those thirty days the total was $456,551. This campaign got more than one million impressions.


Another product is “Saygus”. Tim Rush the Marketing & PR and said that NewsWatch made the promo for the product professional. He was happy it gave the right message across in the right way and the right moment Also, in a great medium as well. He recommended it to others and says it is good in driving sales. The product is a new smartphone line. Their goal was $300,000 but due to NewsWatch it was $1.3 million


Now, some general information about the company. This is a television show and a trustable source for news in the fields of health, travel, technology, entertainment, and consumer news. The show has been in production since March 1990.

This show has bimonthly episodes on the Network of “AMC” and weekly on the Network of “ION”.The host of this show is Andrew Tropeano. There are also special reports by Susan Bridges, Amanda Forstrom, and Eric Forrest. It recently got its 1,000th original episode aired on television. Also, more than six hundred celebrities have appeared.


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