Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a creative mind from Russia. She was born in Russia and made a significant influence on her adolescent peers by using her talents to sell tattoos. She also hosted different parties that went against the standard princess parties that girls typically have. Doe Deere has always been different and uses her unique mind to creative, high-quality, colorful makeup to satisfy the needs of people all over the world that enjoy wearing colorful makeup. She launched her innovative company in 2008. Her goal for her company Lime Crime was to provide people with satisfying bold makeup colors.

Doe Deere continues to provide people all over the world with colorful makeup options that fit who they are. She is dedicated to helping people discover and love who they are. She believes that everyone is born different and unique. Uniqueness is not something that people should fear but its something that they should grow to love no matter how hard that may be. Lime Crime has had a vast amount of success, and it continues to increase through Doe Deere’s commitment to providing colorful makeup. In addition to the makeup being bright, it is also vegan and animal cruelty-free.

Many people love Lime Crime because the makeup is safe for their skin because it is vegan. There are not many animal cruelty-free makeup brands, so Lime Crime is one of a kind. Doe Deere can keep Lime Crime’s products good quality because she is active in the production of the products. She wakes up at 8:30 a.m. every day without the help of an alarm clock. Before leaving the house, she does everything that she needs to do to ensure that she is set for her day. When she gets to work, she stays as long as she has to, to ensure that everything is in order when she leaves.

Lime Crime has been a favorite makeup brand since its start in 2008. It started out as a DIY fashion line on eBay before evolving into a thriving makeup company. Doe Deere has done everything she can imagine is possible to make sure that she is providing her customers with products that she would use on herself. Part of her morning routine is doing her makeup. She feels empty without it. She is not able to colorfully express herself without at least a splash of colorful makeup. Learn more:


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