Todd Lubar: Smart Homes and the Future of Real Estate

New technology can be a game changer. Todd Lubar, president of TDL Global Ventures, will tell you. The steam engine, automobiles, and airplanes changed transportation dramatically from what it once was. Nowadays we are on the doorstep of yet another paradigm-shifting technological age. Although only in its nascent stages, it is clear that the smart home has arrived. From all indications, it is taking hold and evolving rapidly as well.

The smart home is a product of the internet. The “information superhighway” has connected people, and now it is evolving to connect their devices. That has led to the rapidly expanding internet of things (IoT). Many of these new things are in the home. They are automated gadgets which allow control of all aspects of managing one’s residence. Using an app on your smartphone, it is now possible to control security cameras, lighting, shades, and everything else. Many builders are making smart home features available as standard parts of their new designs. Todd Lubar has been in the real estate business in one facet or another for over twenty years. He identified the trend early.

Mr. Lubar, a graduate of Syracuse University, spent five years in the mortgage business before getting involved in real estate investing. Today he is a well-established property investor in Baltimore, Maryland. His company finds homes which are candidates for renovation and fixes them up so that they are like new. Also, Mr. Lubar’s company fits the newly renovated properties with the latest smart home technology. That makes them especially appealing to millennials who are shopping for modern homes near Washington, D.C. without the D.C. prices. Baltimore, which is close by, is a much more affordable property market than the nation’s capital. Check out Inspirery to see more.

Mr. Todd Lubar, an experienced real estate entrepreneur, says that his success is the result of working hard and sincerely considering other people. Through the years he has cultivated several relationships with people in all phases of the building trades. These strong bonds are what Todd Lubar says allows him to complete quality projects so quickly. Mr. Lubar has identified a rapidly emerging segment of Baltimore’s real estate market. For so long as people continue craving smart home convenience and reasonable prices Todd Lubar will be there for them. Check out his Instagram page.

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