José Auriemo Neto: Brazilian Real Estate Pioneer

José Auriemo Neto is at the helm of JHSF Participacoes SA, a leading real estate developer in Brazil. Neto`s JHSF has an impressive portfolio of commercial properties, including office buildings and shopping malls, including what is arguably Sao Paulo`s most important luxury shopping destination. He also oversees major retail assets in the Brazilian cities of Salvador and Manaus.

Neto earned his degree from FAAP University, one of Sao Paulo`s most influential business schools. Shortly after joining the family business, he made a name for himself by establishing a successful parking lot division. He was eventually tapped to head up JHSF, and steered the company into retail. As a pioneer in the luxury market, José Auriemo Neto introduce such brands as Hermes and Jimmy Choo into the Brazilian market. Neto and JHSF were also instrumental in attracting Valentino into Brazil. Neto is a visionary who understood the untapped potential of the Brazilian market for luxury goods.

In 2014, Neto opened the first luxury outlet in Brazil, part of a larger development that includes an executive airport, which marks another first as the country`s first executive aviation facility. In addition to its considerable holdings in Brazil, the company also has significant interests in the United States and Uruguay, making it a truly international real estate company. Under José Auriemo Neto`s visionary leadership, JHSF Participacoes SA is poised to continue its position of leadership at the intersection of fashion, real estate, and marketing by using his unique understanding of the Brazilian marketplace.


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