How Reverse Show rooming has Helped fabletics achieve Success

Recently, aging and body fitness have been a huge concern all over the world. Majority of people have made it a mission in their lives to work out either in the evenings or morning. One of the top sportswear lines that have been offering workout outfits to people is Fabletics. The company was established in 2013 and has managed to register a lot of growth and success. The sportswear company which mostly sells its products online uses the preferences and lifestyles of their customers to come up with stylish and comfortable work out outfits. Fabletics has recently emerged the number one mostly preferred company by women when it comes to purchasing their active wear.

Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson who is a celebrity actress. She is responsible for managing the company and has led to the success of the company. According to Forbes, Fabletics has sales of over $1.5 billion. Other founders and leaders of Fabletics are Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Together, the partners are committed to ensuring that women from all parts of the world get to work out in outfits which are high quality, stylish and above all comfortable. No matter your size and shape, you are guaranteed to find an outfit that suits you at Fabletics. Due to this the company has managed to rise above its competitors which are in the same field of sportswear.

The technique of reverse showrooming is another thing which has contributed to the success and growth of Fabletics. Majority of the products of the active wear line are sold through the online platform. The reverse showrooming technique means that customers who wish to purchase the company’s products can view the available outfits online and the purchase it on the stores that belong to the company. This technique has proven to be very effective and has boosted the sales of the company and has also made it stand out amongst the other companies in the industry. Through this, the company has also been able to acquire a lot of trust from all their customers since what they see on the company’s website is what they get to actually see it on the physical stores.

Affordability and quality are other aspects which has enabled Fabletics to acquire a lot of success. The shipping services are also offered for free to all registered members. Experienced and talented stylists also get to choose trendy outfits for members at the end of every month based on the states and preferences of the customers.

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