The Best Bets For The 2016-17 NBA Season

Placing a bet on any sport is easy with That includes the big four and the big two in college. But beyond the betting online, there is an entire host of information to help with that bet. Because what is the point of placing a bet without a good tip? And when it comes to the NBA, things get even more interesting.

Betting In the NBA

There aren’t many upsets in the game of basketball when the playoffs roll around. It’s almost a given that Golden State and the Cavaliers will meet again. So while the biggest bets take place in the finals and the playoffs, the regular season still has its perks. A lot of rivalry games or historic matchups can be big winners during the regular season. With a full 82 game schedule, betting in the NBA before the playoffs can be more lucrative than any other sport. The only sport that has better long term potential is baseball and its massive 162 game season. So when betting on the NBA in the regular season, you’re getting a lot of chances to make small breaks. And with the right information, knowing that LeBron is sitting out a game is an instant win. This is where comes in and becomes valuable to any better.

Being a Step Ahead houses a forum, expert picks, odds, news and up to date information. Being ahead of the curve can mean a difference between a win and a loss. So while other betters may have an edge with experience, your edge is Sometimes it is the little things that matter, so if your guy doesn’t catch it, you’ve lost a bet.

Find Out the Specifics

The best website to place a bet for NBA odds is But rather than telling, go see for yourself what the encyclopedia of betting looks like. You’ll love the results in the end!