Desiree Perez, a Female Music Executive Making Big Moves

The thoughts that powerful men have continue to influence the progression of our world. Mr. Neil Portnow, President of the Recording Academy recently said that women need to step up in the music industry and begin to advance their careers. That statement drew a huge backlash from artists and music executives who believe Mr. Portnow is extremely out of touch with the present.The artists Pink and Kelly Clarkson both put out responses to Portnow’s statement. Pink wrote an open letter pointing out the many accomplishments of women in the music business. Portnow’s statement so inflamed lawyers and managers of artists that they put a letter together demanding Portnow’s resignation. He enraged a lot of music’s executives as well, namely some very high powered female music industry executives: Desiree Perez, COO of ROC Nation.

Michele Anthony, Executive VP of the Universal Music Group; Julie Greenwald, Co-chairman of Atlantic Records; Jody Gerson, Chief Executive of Universal publishing; Julie Swidler, the general counsel of Sony Music; and Sylvia Rhone, the President of Epic Records.Following the uproar from the industry, high powered female music executives all got together and sent a letter to Neil Portnow, President of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The Academy vowed to put a task force together to examine the barriers and biases slowing down the advancement of women in the music industry.

The entire group of female music executives volunteered their service on this task force. Keep in mind that three of the dominant music companies were represented by these executives.Only time will tell if the Academy takes advantage of the executives generous offer. In the meantime, Desiree Perez will continue making big moves that advance Jay-Z and Beyonce’s career as well as the other artists she will represent. She and ROC Nation are still riding on the wave that brought in a $200 million investment from Sprint and set up music streaming from TIDAL with Sprint’s customers.

Foodservice Excellence & Ingeunity: OSI Group

The foodservice industry is very large and extensive. There are many different sectors of business that falls under this specific category. Retailors of all kind use foodservices on a daily basis. This includes supermarkets, restaurants, grocery stores and more. One of the worldwide leaders in foodservices is known as OSI Group. This century-year-old company has seemed to be destined for greatness from the start. This one-time dream has become a full-blown reality, which was started by a German immigrant. OSI Group is the definition of foodservice excellence. The Aurora-based company has laid the blueprint of success for all others to follow.

Foods, foods and more foods. This is the name of the game. OSI Group can produce the very best custom foods because it is a top custom-foods producer. This team of food specialists is well-trained on a variety of global cuisines. This company takes the guesswork out of concept-to-table solutions. Its test kitchen and food labs are of the highest of quality, and the company has well-over 60 facilities on a global scale. Some of the most technologically advanced components can be found here. OSI Group can develop a wide variety of standard foods such as pizza, beef patties, pot roast, Tofu, panini, hotdogs, soups, chili, pulled pork, poultry, chicken fried steak, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, meatballs, pasta, cucumbers, onions, fruits, desserts and many others.

Thanks to the great leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has surpassed the competition by miles. Lavin has now become the blood that flows through the company’s veins. He is the winner of numerous foodservice awards as well as the company itself. OSI Group has a firm holding on every aspect of the game. This includes development, processing, sourcing and management. Utah, California, Illinois and Wisconsin are just a few of the company’s domestic locations. OSI Group also has an abundance of international locations. Many of its factories are located in Poland, in Ukraine, in Australia, in Brazil, in Canada, in Austria, in Japan and in many other countries. In conclusion, OSI Group has set the bar mighty high, and it will continue to improve in the years to come.

Ronald Fowlkes: A Training Expert

Ronald Fowlkes is a hard worker who is located in St. Louis, Missouri. He’s resided in the vibrant Midwestern metropolis for quite a long period of time now as well. He, because of that, has extensive familiarity with the city. Fowlkes knows all of the greatest places to visit in St. Louis. People who are planning St. Louis getaways can ask him any questions they want. He’s always ready to provide great recommendations and suggestions. Ronnie Fowlkes is a St. Louis local who is always 100 percent willing to help other people he encounters in life.


Ronald Fowlkes has a great career at the moment. He’s had a strong career for many years, too. The business development manager represents a notable firm that’s known as Eagle Industries Unlimited. He focuses on commercial and law enforcement items for the company. People who are looking for tactical training products can count on Fowlkes and his knowledge. He’s been working for Eagle Industries Unlimited since 2008. He, because of that, is 100 percent comfortable with the ins and outs of the business. He has a lot of terrific colleagues at the company. He understands the company’s operations and practices perfectly, too.


Fowlkes is nothing if not a seasoned professional. He’s been a proud member of military organizations in the United States. He’s been a proud employee who works in law enforcement as well. Since Fowlkes has a solid background as a law enforcement professional in St. Louis, he knows the difference between right and wrong. He knows how to recognize issues with crime easily. His goal has always been to promote safety and harmony in St. Louis and in all surrounding areas. Although he’s worked in the legal world for quite some time, he’s far from disillusioned. He has been around a significant degree of criminal activity throughout his rewarding career. That hasn’t stopped his infectious and positive attitude in any way, though. It’s actually made it even stronger. Fowlkes is a professional who genuinely and thoroughly believes in his community and in its power.


Fowlkes takes on many things through his role at Eagle Industries Unlimited. He knows so much about sophisticated and reliable tactical training products. That’s why he handles a substantial amount of employee training work. People who want to know how to use tactical training items of all kinds can get a lot out of learning from Fowlkes. He’s an instructor who takes his job completely seriously. He helps people deal with all kinds of frustrations and confusions easily. He’s a teacher who always puts a lot of time into his instruction efforts, approaches and methods. Ronald Fowlkes has been dazzling people at Eagle Industries Unlimited for a decade.


NewsWatch TV: Reviews and History

This will describe some reviews and give general information on a company called NewsWatchtv. Once company I watched was “Avancea”, the video was with the CMO Nathalie Van Wijjkvliet. She said that the reviews from NewswatchTV was one of the reasons the company was successful. One of their products is a laptop called the “Ockel” which is a tiny PC that still has the features of a desktop computer. The story begun because of NewswatchTV’s online campaign to help “Avancea” on their website for their product “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC”. It was a goal set at $10,000 over a period of $10,000. The result was a percentage of 2,939 of the goal in those thirty days the total was $456,551. This campaign got more than one million impressions.


Another product is “Saygus”. Tim Rush the Marketing & PR and said that NewsWatch made the promo for the product professional. He was happy it gave the right message across in the right way and the right moment Also, in a great medium as well. He recommended it to others and says it is good in driving sales. The product is a new smartphone line. Their goal was $300,000 but due to NewsWatch it was $1.3 million


Now, some general information about the company. This is a television show and a trustable source for news in the fields of health, travel, technology, entertainment, and consumer news. The show has been in production since March 1990.

This show has bimonthly episodes on the Network of “AMC” and weekly on the Network of “ION”.The host of this show is Andrew Tropeano. There are also special reports by Susan Bridges, Amanda Forstrom, and Eric Forrest. It recently got its 1,000th original episode aired on television. Also, more than six hundred celebrities have appeared.


Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a creative mind from Russia. She was born in Russia and made a significant influence on her adolescent peers by using her talents to sell tattoos. She also hosted different parties that went against the standard princess parties that girls typically have. Doe Deere has always been different and uses her unique mind to creative, high-quality, colorful makeup to satisfy the needs of people all over the world that enjoy wearing colorful makeup. She launched her innovative company in 2008. Her goal for her company Lime Crime was to provide people with satisfying bold makeup colors.

Doe Deere continues to provide people all over the world with colorful makeup options that fit who they are. She is dedicated to helping people discover and love who they are. She believes that everyone is born different and unique. Uniqueness is not something that people should fear but its something that they should grow to love no matter how hard that may be. Lime Crime has had a vast amount of success, and it continues to increase through Doe Deere’s commitment to providing colorful makeup. In addition to the makeup being bright, it is also vegan and animal cruelty-free.

Many people love Lime Crime because the makeup is safe for their skin because it is vegan. There are not many animal cruelty-free makeup brands, so Lime Crime is one of a kind. Doe Deere can keep Lime Crime’s products good quality because she is active in the production of the products. She wakes up at 8:30 a.m. every day without the help of an alarm clock. Before leaving the house, she does everything that she needs to do to ensure that she is set for her day. When she gets to work, she stays as long as she has to, to ensure that everything is in order when she leaves.

Lime Crime has been a favorite makeup brand since its start in 2008. It started out as a DIY fashion line on eBay before evolving into a thriving makeup company. Doe Deere has done everything she can imagine is possible to make sure that she is providing her customers with products that she would use on herself. Part of her morning routine is doing her makeup. She feels empty without it. She is not able to colorfully express herself without at least a splash of colorful makeup. Learn more:


Sentient AI – Ecommerce Personalization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to uncover hidden patterns in large sets of data that are not obvious. The use of AI allows the software to go through multiple reiterations (scans) of massive amounts of data, appropriately called “Big Data.” Then, by applying an algorithm, which is a set of decision-making strategies, the AI programs can both produce results for further analysis and learn from the results produced.

The more advanced applications of AI now include predictive capabilities. This is very useful when dealing with consumers. Predicting buying intent is an excellent way to convert customers and/or potential customers into sales. In fact, AI programs can often predict when a consumer is ready to buy something even before the consumer has any clear idea about it.


Using AI for Predictive Analysis

Prior to using AI in a marketing strategy, the predictive needs for consumer marketing fell solely on the shoulders of humans who are specialists in consumer behavior. However, when AI is used, the amount of fine-tuning that can be done to marketing campaigns makes the analysis very valuable. The AI software does all the heavy number-crunching and then humans review the analysis results. Humans are also involved in creating the algorithms that the AI software uses to make decisions.

The real benefit of using AI is that massive amounts of data can be processed, which would be impossible for people to do without computer/software support. Sometimes, unusual and surprising patterns appear from such massive data analysis. These provide powerful insights that cannot be discovered in any other way. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.

Using AI for Ecommerce Personalization

A research study conducted by Gartner made some interesting predictions in regards to the use of AI in eCommerce personalization. First of all, the expectations are that by 2020 about 20% of the CIOs of major corporations will be focused on AI as a top-five priority. Moreover, about 85% of the interactions with customers of most organizations will be conducted using AI and will not need human interaction.

Rather than feeling neglected by the lack of human contact, consumers will experience enhanced services supported by AI that will create a more personalized experience. Products and product recommendation will be customized for each consumer by using what AI learns about that person’s interests and tastes.

Boston Consulting Group reports that when AI is engaged to create a personalized customer journey, sales go up by as much as 10%. This increase happens 2 to 3 times more quickly than sales increases experienced by retailers who do not have the benefit of using AI for their marketing purposes.



AI is extremely beneficial to marketers, especially those in retail sales because of its powerful predictive analytics that comes from pattern recognition in large amounts of data that humans would never be able to see without using AI to find it.



3 ways artificial intelligence (AI) will transform ecommerce in 2018

3 ways artificial intelligence (AI) will transform ecommerce in 2018

Get A Better Butt In Dallas Via Butt Lift Surgery

Butt lifts are all the rage these days, especially for the people who can spare the expense. Though there are two types of butt lifts, the Brazilian butt lift is the more popular version. Yes, there is a difference among the two because the traditional butt lift is an invasive procedure. The city of Dallas is similar to other big cities, and it hosts a number of innovative medical facilities. State-of-the-art centers like Cosmetic Surgery Associates Center, BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and Park City Plastic Surgeries are all great institutions.


“Should I get a Brazilian butt lift or a traditional butt lift?” To be perfectly honest, it is up to your surgeon to make that call. The type of butt lift is truly determined by your specific situation. If your bum has excessive skin that sags, then the Brazilian butt lift isn’t ideal. The shape of your body/butt can determine the best butt lift procedure that fits your needs. Another major consideration for the Brazilian butt lift is that you must have additional fat in other areas of the body. Since liposuction is the weapon of choice, the fat has to be removed from another area on your body. There are a lot of considerations that goes into these advanced procedures. Having an open mind is actually the right state of mind for you to be in.


The Brazilian butt lift can definitely help you fill-out those cool looking jeans as well as fill-out most of your attire. Patients can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 – $10,000. Of course, the surgeon and the location plays a significant role in estimated pricing. Last, but not least, try not to choose the cheapest surgeon because the actual price can be a good indication for the quality of work.


M2B Dental, Bridging The Vast Divide Between Practitioners and Needed Specialized Assistance

Dental Practitioners need specialized assistance to complete their jobs with excellence; however, getting such assistance without any strings attached is usually not possible for many professionals. To aid the attempts of dental practitioners around the country, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded M2B Dental. Using his expertise in the industry as an active dental practitioner, he created a network to support other dentists while upholding the standards as well as the integrity of dentistry.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva’s initiative is built on the concept of no hidden terms and conditions or any seemingly invisible strings while providing excellent support to 70 affiliate destinations. This firm has employed 533 personnel and is a tightly run leadership enterprise. Unlike most dentistry practice management, M2B dental is inspired and based on visionary concepts; this firm focuses on providing extended support for anatomy and personal development all in a lively setting. While increased profit margins are focus areas, this is not the start and end of the firm’s goals. The other essential aims of this initiative are to encourage dentists to opt for improved operating procedures and increase the standards of participating practitioners to facilitate natural business growth.

Founded on a crucial concept, doctors can indeed support each other with the help of an enhanced network while working together to accomplish tasks that were otherwise impossible while working individually. The M2B Dental system aims at incorporating the company and cultural values while offering a fresh and enhances perspective on areas such as the right ways to run management and practice development support association.

The efforts taken by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva and his core team have helped in positively impacting the lives of both numerous patients and practitioners. One of the reasons this enhanced network of practitioners is working well beyond the expectations of many is because this dentist owned venture aims at helping dentists delegate responsibilities through the organized system in an efficient manner. Extended support through peers as well as the M2B Dental network ensure that in case of emergencies and even otherwise active practitioners are not left high and dry; someone always has their back. Due to the effectiveness of this network, patients get better health care services that are run as per the regulations and while keeping both cultural and company standards in mind. Better health care, in turn, leads to patients choosing to continue giving patronage to their dental health care doctors, which implies higher revenues and a higher number of satisfied customers.

How Tony Petrello Encourages His Employees To Give Back

Tony Petrello is an executive in the oil and gas industry. He works for Nabors Industries, a company he joined in 1991 after having been a New York City lawyer for several years. He is the company’s CEO, president, and chairman of the board. The company he leads has the biggest fleet of oil drilling equipment on the globe and it operates both in the United States and internationally. Nabors Industries is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Tony Petrello is also a philanthropist who encourages his employees to give back to the community. An example of this occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina striking Houston in August 2017. Entire homes were destroyed and the infrastructure of the city was flooded. People couldn’t find any supplies since demand was so high and nothing could be shipped in due to the widespread destruction. Nabors Industries was among the first companies to respond to this disaster.


When Hurricane Harvey had moved beyond Houston a large number of the employees of Nabor Industries started to help their neighbors and other members of the community recover. Tony Petrello as CEO says that the employees of his company went to wherever they saw a need. Appreciating what they were doing, Petrello had everyone receive paid time off so that they could help others and not be negatively impacted themselves. Additionally, the employees of Nabor Industries raised close to $175,000 to help relief efforts. Tony matched this amount dollar for dollar. His firm also used the kitchen that it has on its site in order to cook a mass volume of food three times each day that was given to families located around their headquarters.

Over the years the employees and leadership of Nabors Industries have helped out in other crises that have hit Houston, Tony Petrello says. They have also helped out national nonprofits like the Susan G. Komen Foundation. His company has a philanthropic arm called Nabors Charitable Foundations. Over the years this foundation has supplied more than $3 million in scholarship money for both the employees of the company and their children to get more education.

One area that Tony Petrello really cares about is childhood neurological disorders. He gave Texas Children’s Hospital $7 million for their program researching these disorders with a promise of another $2 million to follow. He also has a seat on the hospital’s board where he lends his years of experience running Nabor Industries.

Search more about Anthony Petrello:

José Auriemo Neto: Brazilian Real Estate Pioneer

José Auriemo Neto is at the helm of JHSF Participacoes SA, a leading real estate developer in Brazil. Neto`s JHSF has an impressive portfolio of commercial properties, including office buildings and shopping malls, including what is arguably Sao Paulo`s most important luxury shopping destination. He also oversees major retail assets in the Brazilian cities of Salvador and Manaus.

Neto earned his degree from FAAP University, one of Sao Paulo`s most influential business schools. Shortly after joining the family business, he made a name for himself by establishing a successful parking lot division. He was eventually tapped to head up JHSF, and steered the company into retail. As a pioneer in the luxury market, José Auriemo Neto introduce such brands as Hermes and Jimmy Choo into the Brazilian market. Neto and JHSF were also instrumental in attracting Valentino into Brazil. Neto is a visionary who understood the untapped potential of the Brazilian market for luxury goods.

In 2014, Neto opened the first luxury outlet in Brazil, part of a larger development that includes an executive airport, which marks another first as the country`s first executive aviation facility. In addition to its considerable holdings in Brazil, the company also has significant interests in the United States and Uruguay, making it a truly international real estate company. Under José Auriemo Neto`s visionary leadership, JHSF Participacoes SA is poised to continue its position of leadership at the intersection of fashion, real estate, and marketing by using his unique understanding of the Brazilian marketplace.